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  • 14 August, 2014

    “As You Like It” casting call

    As You Like Itv/t: Ophelia Theatre Group @ VBGCQEquity ShowcaseNo Pay
    First Rehearsal: September 8thShow Dates:  November 8th – Nov [...]

  • 16 May, 2014

    Ophelia Theatre Group 2014/2015 Announcement

    Ophelia Theatre Group 2014/2015 Season
    As You Like It -
    By William Shakespeare
    Unable to act on their feelings and forced into e [...]

  • 24 March, 2014

    “Rockabye Hamlet” Press Release

    Ophelia Theatre Group
    March 2014
    Press contact:
    John Hoffman
    http://www.opheliathe [...]