OTG 2016/2017 Season

“Turning the page, a season of new chapters”

The Summer I Disappeared
Created in association with The Heretic Club
September 23rd – October 9th

The Summer I Disappeared is a unique piece inspired by a series of interviews conducted with surviving veterans of the Freedom Rides. A group of civil rights activists and artists in 1961 immerse you in a moment in time that will forever define the movement. In an age when we must redouble our efforts to ensure the safety and dignity of all Americans, The Summer I Disappeared reminds us of the sacrifice hundreds of women and men made for the cause of civil rights.

Hedda Gabler
Written and Directed by Kelly McCready
October 28th – November 19th

All at once magnificent and terrifying, Hedda Gabler has given up her exciting high society life to settle down as the wife of an academic. But an old flame’s return resurrects old rivalries, shifts power dynamics and leaves one of the most iconic female characters of all time wondering: how can I be a woman when I have no talent for it? Stripped-down and streamlined, this fast, sexy, tense and surprisingly funny adaptation of Ibsen’s drawing-room classic gallops towards an electrifying finale.

Some Night
Written by Sarah Victoria Bennett, Directed by Eric Ruiter
February 24th to March 11th

For people of the starry-eyed variety, some nights are more life changing than others. In times gone by, Athenians have flown to the forest in the name of love, acting troupes have gone to great lengths to be acknowledged and rewarded for their art, and fairies have wreaked all manner of mischief upon the mortal world for the sake of self-aggrandizement. But has anything really changed? Some Night follows an eclectic band of characters as they pursue their dreams of love, power, fame, and fulfillment, while struggling to reconcile their own ideas of fantasy and reality. This original comedy pays homage to the happenings of a famous midsummer night, while bringing the magic to today’s baffling and yet still enchanting world, and a whole new generation of dreamers.

your, Alice
Written by Billie Aken-Tyers, Directed by Michael Flynn
April 28th to May 13th

One golden afternoon on 4 July 1862, Charles Ludvig Dodgeson (Lewis Carroll) began to tell a story that would be held in the hearts of children and adults alike for the next 150 years. But what about the first ears that heard this story? your, Alice explores the complex and dynamic friendship between Mr. Dodgeson and his ‘Dreamchild’ muse Miss Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland. As they sail down the Oxford river, the songs, words and whimsical characters of Wonderland are pitted against the demons of a man struggling to keep himself afloat.


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