‘The Seagull’ Audition Notice

Ophelia Theatre Group is currently casting for the fourth production of its 2015­-2016 “Season for All Seasons”. Accepting headshots/resumes from Equity and non­-Equity actors for a modern adaptation of Anton Chekov’s “The Seagull.” All roles are open. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Email headshots and resumes to auditions@opheliatheatre.com.

by Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Sarah Victoria Bennett
Directed by John Robert Hoffman

Rehearsals: March 16th-­April 21st
Tech Dates: April 22nd-­April 28th
Show Dates: April 29th-­May 15th
Fri, Sat, Sun nights @8pm

Rehearsal and Performance Location:
Ophelia Theater
21­12 30th Road
Astoria, New York 11102

v/t: Ophelia Theatre Group
Equity Showcase
No Pay
Date of Auditions: March 1st
Date of Callbacks: March 2nd, March 3rd

Please prepare a single 1 minute contemporary monologue


A successful actress visits her brother’s isolated estate far from the city, throwing the frustrated residents unfulfilled ambitions into sharp relief. As her son attempts to impress with a self-­penned play, putting much more than his pride at stake, others dream of fame, love and the ability to change their past.


ARKADINA (F, Late 30’s to 40’s): A self-­obsessed famous actress. Though Arkadina is very successful in her trade and well off financially, she many times refuses to do anything for those around her. Notable exceptions center on her son, Kostya, especially after his attempted suicide.

SORIN (M, 40’s): Arkadina’s brother. A retired man, slowly dying of cancer, Sorin is obsessed with his unfulfilled dreams and ambitions. His age is shown more in his outlook on life than his physical age or even his ailments.

TRIGORIN (M, 30’s): A famous novelist in an on­-again, off­again affair with Arkadina. Trigorin is a compulsive writer easily distracted by women and his simple musings. While successful as an author, Trigorin recognizes his work as mediocre.

SHAM (M, 30’s): The estate manager, employed by Arkadina and Sorin. Sham is stubborn, quick to anger, and has an opinion about everything.

POLINA (F, 30’s): Sham’s wife. Polina is madly in love with Dorn, who constantly brushes off her advances.

DORN (M, mid to late 30’s): An unmarried local doctor. Though a widely respected physician, Dorn is a philanderer and seducer. Dorn is the world­wise observer of all the goings­on of the play. However, he is not a faultless bystander to the drama of the play.

KOSTYA (M, 20’s): Arkadina’s son, an aspiring writer. Kostya lives in the shadow of his mother’s success. He shows little respect for her work, though he seeks her approval. He is in love with Nina. His failure in his art and relationship with Nina eventually drive him to suicide.

NINA (F, early 20’s): An aspiring actress. Nina is, at the outset, a naive escapist in love with Kostya. Her family is abusive and she eventually flees to pursue her dreams of being an actress. After a tryst with Trigorin and losing a child, her dedication to her art remains.

MASHA (F, 20’s): Masha is obsessed with Kostya and his great artistic ambition. Where she lacks passion for her own life, which she sees as dreary and dark, she holds unrequited passion for Kostya. Though she marries Med, her feelings for Kostya never change.

MED (M, 20’s): A schoolteacher. Med is in love with Masha, but is generally disliked by everyone on the estate for his trite and mundane observations.

YAKOV (M, 20’, 30’s): A stagehand for Kostya’s play and workman for the estate.


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