‘The Tempest’ Audition Notice

Ophelia Theatre Group is currently casting for the third production of its 2015-2016 “Season for All Seasons”. Accepting headshots/resumes from Equity and non-Equity actors for William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” All roles are open. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Email headshots and resumes to auditions@opheliatheatre.com

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Daniel Roberts

Rehearsals: January 11th-February 19th
Tech Dates: February 20th-February 26th
Show Dates: February 27th-March 13th
Fri, Sat, Sun nights @8pm

Rehearsal and Performance Location: Ophelia Theatre
21-12 30th Road
Astoria, New York 11102

v/t: Ophelia Theatre Group
Equity Showcase
No Pay
Date of Auditions: December 15th
Date of Callbacks: December 19th

Please prepare one (1) 1-2 minute Shakespearean monologue


Tempted by spirits, teased by sprites, and tormented by a monster, a shipwrecked king and his party face the wrath of the betrayed conjurer, Prospero – a man they marooned on the enchanted island years ago. But revenge yields to redemption in William Shakespeare’s final glorious gift to the world. Along the magically tempestuous journey, passions are unleashed, villainy is thwarted and a family is reunited in a comic and cathartic tale of romance and renewal.


PROSPERO (M, Mid 40’s to 70’s): The usurped Duke of Milan, who now reigns over the island. With his magical powers and pact with the spirits of the island he conducts the tempest and orchestrates the events of the play, walking a knife’s edge between exacting vengeance and offering forgiveness on those who have wronged him.

MIRANDA (F, Early to Mid 20’s to play late teen): Prospero’s daughter, who is unaware of her noble birth thus far, is the original home schooler. On brink of womanhood, she falls in love at first sight with Ferninand and hopes for no better man than him. There is a sense of wonder about her and deeply-felt compassion for humanity.

ARIEL (M/F, 18+): Prospero’s loyal servant. A shape shifting spirit that exacts its master’s orders and reports back the developments on the island in anticipation of gaining its freedom. Looking for a strong singer and mover.

CALIBAN (M, 20’s to 30’s): Prospero’s begrudging slave, the deformed spawn of an evil witch. This puppy-faced monster with an underdeveloped moral compass used to adore Prospero until he was cast out of his master’s cell for trying to ravish Miranda. His frustration, raw emotions and lack of social awareness often get him in trouble and punished by spirits under Prospero’s allegiance.

FERDINAND (M, 20’s to play late teen to 20’s): King Alonso’s son, who has been separated from the rest of the King’s company during the tempest. He falls in love with Miranda upon meeting her and eagerly performs meager tasks to earn the trust of her father.

ALONSO (M, Mid 40’s to 70’s): The melancholic King of Naples, who grieves the loss of his son Ferdinand, who he believes has been lost to the tempest.

GONZALO (M, 50’s to 80’s): The King’s elderly counselor, honest and true. He always looks for the silver lining in any situation. Gonzalo is devoted to consoling the mourning Alonso, even attempting to make a heaven of the hell they washed upon.

SEBASTIAN (M, late 20’s to 40’s): The brother to the King. He has a tendency to view the glass as half empty, specifically after he has criticized the quality and craft of the glass in question. Though his wit is sharp, he is quite susceptible to the thoughts of conspiracy and murder.

ANTONIO (M, late 30’s to 70’s): Prospero’s brother, there is more to him than meets the eye. Despite his cheery and joking exterior, his never quenching thirst for power has left him wretched and deceived into believing his own delusions of self entitlement.

ADRIAN (M, late 20’s to 30’s): Lord attending the King’s company. Does his part to aid with Alonso’s grieving.

TRINCULO (M, mid 20’s to 40’s): The King’s fool. A sharp wit without an audience. A victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time upon several occasions, he goes from being chased by a thunderstorm to sharing a gaberdine with a monster. Seeking a strong comedic actor.

STEPHANO (M, mid 20’s to 40’s): Alonso’s butler, who gets separated from the King and his men and decides there is only one thing to do while stuck on a mysterious island…get drunk. Paired with Trinculo and the strange Caliban, hilarity ensues. Looking for a strong comedic actor, knowledge of drinking songs is a plus.

GODDESSES (F, +18): Juno (Queen of Gods), Iris (Goddess of Rainbows), and Ceres (Goddess of Agriculture). Strong singers and movers.


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