Casting Notice! Mary’s Little Monster and Almost, Maine

Ophelia Theatre Group is currently casting for the first two productions of its 2015-2016 “Season for All Seasons”. Accepting headshots/resumes from Equity and non-Equity actors for “Mary’s Little Monster” and “Almost, Maine.” Actors may play multiple roles. All roles are open. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Email headshots and resumes to

Mary’s Little Monster
by Thomas Kee
Directed by Samuel Adams

Almost, Maine
by John Cariani
Directed by Eric Ruiter

v/t: Ophelia Theatre Group
Equity Showcase
No Pay
Date of Auditions: Tuesday, September 1st
Date of Callbacks: Sunday, September 6th

Rehearsals: September 15th-October 16th
Tech Rehearsals: October 17th-October 22nd
Show Dates: October 23rd-November 7th, Fri/Sat/Sun nights (8 total)

Rehearsals: November 3rd-December 4th
Tech Rehearsals: December 5th-December 10th
Show Dates: December 11th-December 20th, Fri/Sat/Sun nights & Sat matinees (8 total)

Rehearsal and Performance Location: Ophelia Theatre
21-12 30th Road
Astoria, New York 11102

Please prepare two (2) one-minute contrasting monologues. Please bring headshot and resume.


A new play, set in 1816, the year without summer, at the home of Lord Byron, where the poet is joined by an intimate circle consisting of Percy Shelley, his wife Mary Shelley, her sister Claire, and Byron’s personal doctor. During their confinement in this Swiss mansion, the characters’ massive emotions and intellects collide to produce legendary poetry, literature, conflict, catharsis, and discovery.

Character Breakdowns:

NOTE: Each of the characters in this play are remarkably intelligent people – highly educated, extremely well- read, and possessed with a fast and poignant eloquence. Familiarity with this historical and literary epoch, as well as experience with heightened and active text, will be very beneficial.

MARY GODWIN (F, Early 20’s) struggling to break through. Mary has strong fears and doubts to overcome, but she is self-possessed and ambitious to be recognized. She is incredibly loyal and giving, despite injuries by the men in her life. She has been forced to put up walls, but she is still very highly attuned and sensitive to other people’s her needs, as well as own pains. She possess a beautiful intellect and a strong will, a huge desire to love and to be loved by her peers, but she is constantly contending with a host of obstacles that prevent her from true ownership of her own talents and empowerment. She wants to become the person that she sees within herself.

PERCY SHELLEY (M, Mid 20’s) impulsive, cool, artist, narcissist. Percy often appears to be reserved and elusive, but he is smoldering below the surface. He is keenly aware of the emotions of others, even if he is unwilling or unable to engage with them. Although uncomfortable in the spotlight, he is potentially the most self-possessed member of the group, especially in his estimation of his own intelligence and ability. He feels a deep loyalty to the people he loves, but it is extremely difficult for anyone (even himself) to pry open his trust and esteem.

JOHN (POLLY) POLIDORI (M, 30’s) awkward, scientist, opium addict. Polly is Lord Byron’s personal physician, a very well-educated man who has often felt on the periphery of life. He is in constant company with the literary circles he admires, but he is deeply envious of them. He would love to be a great writer, but has none of the fame or experience. He has little sense of power or authority, other than his scientific expertise, but still earns respect and sympathy for his intelligence, and kindness. He would be meek, except that he has a strong germ of belief in his own abilities and principles.

CLAIRE CLAIRMONT (F, 20’s) Mary’s stepsister, extremely attractive, sexually calculating. Claire is the guest and lover of Byron, but she is sharply aware that he has no enduring loyalty to her. The lack of constancy and loyalty in her life has taught her to use her considerable beauty and sexuality to continually allure men. She is the only one without strong literary ambitions, but she still has a very sharp mind, and is always active in assuring her own security. She is still capable of soft empathy, as well as calculated manipulation.

LORD BYRON (M, Late 20’s) beautiful, aggressive, self-conscious. Byron is the uncaged creature in the room. He is very aware of his fame, power, and formidable intelligence, and he flaunts them with unabashed and provocative glee. He is incredibly masculine, but still very childish, constantly eager to create or become the center of drama. He he drapes himself in sex and darkness, creating a constant saturnalia in order to stave off the horror of boredom and loneliness. There is deep love for his friends, but it is often lost in his desire to play with demons. Ultimately, however, beneath the bravado and bacchanalia resides a love and respect for kindness, truth, and beauty.


On a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter, all is not quite what it seems in the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

Character Breakdowns:

NOTE: All actors will play multiple characters.

MALES (M, late teens-30s) Versatile performers of all types to portray the honest, quirky and compassionate residents of Almost.

FEMALES (F, late teens-30s) Versatile performers of all types to portray the honest, quirky and compassionate residents of Almost.


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